Afshin’s Notes

Football Can Unite the World

connected the world. As our world continues to be polarized by extreme views and beliefs, football can mend our deflated hearts and hope. The love of the game has broken many boundaries in the past, and we must utilize football to change the narrative from hate to...

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Soccer Made in Germany, Local Coaches in a Global League

I still can remember staying awake through the night in the early 70’s to watch Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Monchengladbach on my small black and white television set. One hand on the antenna to keep the picture clear and both eyes glued to screen to watch every...

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Lasting Impression

I have seen much in my career working across the globe, but my short experience with the people and players of Curacao will leave a lasting impression in my memories. Words will never describe accurately the love and the feeling amongst the players. The sounds and...

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Living A Dream!, Curacao 2 Russia

My love for the game continues to take me to far away places for challenging projects. A new journey began today on the beautiful island of Curacao in the Caribbean.   I will be assisting legendary former Dutch striker, Patrick Kluivert, to guide Curacao to the...

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I will be back!

Football has a funny way of steering us to unknown directions and destinations. One moment you are in the full stadium with cheering fans, and the next the lights and sounds of the stadium are a distant memory. One moment the pressure of getting results push stress...

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Good-Bye Shizuoka!

Good-Bye Shizuoka,   Three and half year has come to an abrupt end. I feel an enormous pain to part with my staff, players, and supporters who I considered family. I poured my heart and soul, blood and sweat into the Shimizu S-Pulse. The results did not always...

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